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Sweet taste of Warsaw

Do you already know Polish pączki? We decided to visit Blikle, a traditional Warsaw confectionery that is primarily known for these sweet tidbits.

Blikle’s confectionery has been an unquestionable part of Warsaw for over 140 years now and is one of the best known Warsaw companies. It witnessed many important moments of Polish history, survived hard times of world wars and managed to operate through long years of unfavorable communist ruling when private enterprises were constantly oppressed.

Besides pączki (deep-fried dough shaped into a flattened sphere with a sweet filling) the confectionery bids a wide variety of other traditional Polish pastries: cheese-, poppy-seed, Easter or W-Z cakes, the latter of which was chosen to be a representative confection for Warsaw many years ago.

Blikle is also a café where you can taste Polish dishes. If you travel with a tight budget, however, we suggest visiting the confectionery where take-away sweets will not melt your savings.

The confectionery and café are located next to each other on Nowy Świat Street.

Music: ‚Tomato ketchup is not a vegatable’ by dangerous_objects and ‚Window like’ by echoed

How to get there?

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5 komentarzy do “Sweet taste of Warsaw”

  1. Richard Brzozowski napisał(a):

    Looking forward to enjoyig the paczki when my wife and I visit Warsaw in September -October.

  2. Natalia napisał(a):

    Looks incredibly tasty 🙂

  3. Heri Gumirlang napisał(a):

    Color of music is color of food taste

  4. Tyrone napisał(a):

    We are staying for Christmas and new year..Where can we book for Christmas day dinner?

    • admin napisał(a):

      Hi Tyrone,

      It would be best if someone you know in Warsaw do it for you.

      If you don’t have anyone here, perhaps we can check if it’s possible and do it for you. If you’re interested pls contact us at:
      or call:
      +48 882 99 99 66