About Us

What is OnlyWarsaw.com?

OnlyWarsaw is a video-guide to the wonderful city of Warsaw. We fight the stereotype that the city is gray and boring. We produce our own films about Warsaw and also embed the most interesting ones found in the Internet.

Thanks to our partnerships with various companies our films already reach the audience of over 400 000 people daily. We are present in the Warsaw underground; additionally, we cooperate with Warsaw City Hall and numerous websites concerned with our city and its promotion worldwide. Our films were presented on Re:wizje 2010, the biggest festival of independent art in Poland.

Watch this video to see what we do:     What is it all about???

See also what journalists say about us:      Media about OnlyWarsaw.com

You can also follow the latest news and pictures from Warsaw on our Polish blog: NaWidoku

Why is it a video-guide?

We think that short videos are the best way to convince people who don’t feel like visiting Warsaw that it is an interesting tourist destination.

What do we show?

In our videos you can find not only the most popular tourist attractions but also less known places that start to be popular just now. We show people who create the unique atmosphere Warsaw has. We also check where you can taste the most delicious pączki or the original Polish honey beer.  On the website you can also find films about Warsaw made by others.

How do we know what to recommend?

We’ve discovered Warsaw with the foreigners who come to the city through CouchSurfing.org, a travel organization which we are still a part of. We walk with them the streets of Warsaw and see how they get to like the city. It often requires going further than only to the Old Town, eg. to the Praga district, but we always hear it was worth it. We thought we wanted to show Warsaw this way to the bigger audience, which lead to creating OnlyWarsaw.com.

Contact us:

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